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Power Of Attorney Notary

When a Power of Attorney Notary is Needed

Every state is different when it comes to the Power of Attorney laws and what is required. A Power of Attorney Notary is required to sign the documents and put the seal on the paper to have a person become a Power of Attorney in Texas. Our notaries are certified to assist the public when a Power of Attorney Notary is needed. When the notary puts the seal and has all the signatures required, the agent becomes the Power of Attorney for the person who is known as the principal. A Power of Attorney has the full authority to handle all of the principal's finances and paperwork. They can take control of the bills and the bank accounts to deposit and withdraw funds. It is a serious role, and a responsible person should be most trusted. Our notaries are trained to know if the principal was pressured into any signatures and take action if there was any pressure.

A Will Notary is one who is assigned to notarize a person's last Will. The documents depend on the state. Some states require a Notary to sign and put their seal on the Will. Other states do not require a Will Notary. Texas does. Some states make the Will invalid if there is notarization. Lawyers are the most common to notarize a person's Will as the attorney's office will also write the Will. Sometimes it does not matter if it is a lawyer as long as a Will Notary validates it. That is where we can help the client. Some people can write a Will on their own without the help of an attorney. It all depends on what they have within their estate and what their final wishes are. A Will Notary is also trained to notice any pressure from family members or friends of the person writing the Will.

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