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Unique DFW Mobile Notary Handles All Notarizing Needs

Unique DFW Mobile Notary is a mobile notary service the public can count on for their needs. We serve the Dallas, Addison, McKinney, Richardson, Plano, Texas areas, and those surrounding. Our company has been established since 2017, and we have grown a name for ourselves with the services we have offered to the public. People may not always be able to get away from their schedules. Most people work and are only available during break times. Sometimes a boss may allow their workers to handle up on personal business during business hours when they see it is a mobile notary. If the boss sees the worker does not have to leave the office, they may get away with the signing process. The mobile notary service can meet people at a convenient place, day, and time. A mobile notary is the most stress reliever in an event where vital documents need to be signed and witnessed.

We have several notaries available to assist the public, and we are a loan closings notary that can get documents notarized and ready for filing. A loan closings notary places their seal of approval and witnesses the loan process with another witness in the room. Courts require two witnesses. Sometimes one may be sufficient. The Notary Public is responsible for gathering all the signatures in case of a possible dispute between the parties. When it comes to closing a loan, the document has the notary's seal of approval, signatures from both parties involved, the notary's signature, and one or two witnesses. In the court of law, all listed on the legal document will hold up in court, and the judge will rule in favor of what is written on the document according to the agreement made. A loan closings notary can almost be compared to a referee to ensure the rules are followed with loans.

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