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A 24 Hour Notary is There When You Need

We have a traveling notary that can meet you to notarize any documents needed. They can travel to any residence, office, nursing home, hospital, hotel, airport, restaurant, coffee shop, park, or anywhere safe for all parties involved. In all of the surrounding areas of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, we are willing to send out a traveling notary to meet with our clients. We work by appointments, and a logistics schedule is also prepared for us to keep everyone on a list. Once the list is made, we can assist more than one person within a given area. As long as we can maintain the traveling times in the same location for each traveling notary, we can keep our prices at a minimum and continue with timely service. Since our office is not a home base, everything we do is through a traveling notary. We do have the fees tied in with the cost of service.

With our 24 hour notary services, we ask politely that the public give us a 24-hour notice for an appointment to schedule the routes accordingly. We understand that emergency demands may arise, and we will work with everyone to keep the request. Our 24 hour notary service will offer a quote before taking on the task. We want to make sure our clients understand what they are paying for within the services we offer. Our logistic schedule can be altered, but our clients will know the approximate time we will be in the area for the most part. There are a few things the client needs to keep in mind with our 24 hour notary service. It is our right to keep everything fair and charge extra for long waiting, rush jobs, long distances. If the same-day appointments are made, there is no refund if the client cancels the appointment on the same day.

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